Do you have an ugly front yard or a neighbor whose landscape just makes you cringe? Not just tall grass and neglected shrubbery, but a disaster of landscape that makes all the neighbors sigh. If so, help may be a few photographs away.

Jason Cameron and his crew from DIY's Desperate Landscapes are looking for desperate but motivated homeowners to help transform those ugly landscapes into contenders for "award winning yards". You just need to have a fun spirit, be ready to learn and participate, and have neighbors who are willing to give a friendly, but not "mean-spirited", ribbing. The show pays for all the expenses and you, and your neighbors, get to be on TV. 

To apply, go online to and click on America's Most Desperate Landscape. Share your pictures and videos of your front yard, and tell Jason why you have a desperate landscape. Applications are accepted until March 22, 2013.

 Good Luck!!