February 2012

Fellow Backyard Nature Lovers:

Tucker Chili Cookoff 2012

I hope to see all of you down on Main Street for the Chili Cook-off today from 1-5PM. We’ve got about 60 entries, four bands and 96 Rock is doing a ‘remote’. Plus - the seafood boil by the Tucker Masonic Lodge AND face painting in our classroom. Limited edition t-shirts will be available, too. Bring cash – no credit cards or checks accepted for this event. Remember $5 lets you taste all of the contestant’s entries and a vote in the people’s choice category. This is a rain or shine event – so even if there are some showers come down and support all the people who entered and will be there with lots of chili to share.

Special sales to day in the store just for the big event include:  receive a free K-feeder ($20 value) with #10 or Greater Cole Purchase and 20% Off All Pottery.


Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) – NOW IN PROGRESS – JOIN IN

The 15th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is held February 17-20, 2012. The GBBC is an annual four-day event that engages bird watchers of all ages in counting birds to create a real-time snapshot of where birds are across the U.S. and Canada. The checklists submitted for this event help researchers at Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society learn more about how birds are doing - and how to protect the environment we share. Last year, participants turned in over 92,000 checklists, creating the continent's largest instantaneous snapshot of bird populations ever recorded. Taking part in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is a great way to get more familiar with Atlanta's winter birds from the convenience of your own home/yard/"patch" You can team with family and friends, have fun, and help birds—all at the same time. Anyone who can identify even a few species can provide important information that enables scientists to learn more about how the environment is changing and how that affects our conservation priorities.

Visit the official GBBC website at www.birdcount.org for more information.


What's New in the Store?


Cricket Forge – the makers of the wonderful butterfly bench – we have several new products including tables, birdbaths, large butterflies and plant/bird feeder hangers.


SEEDS! – The seeds came in and left and we reordered so we still have a supply and can get more.


Even though the Birdie Bell isn’t a new product, Jane found a new use for it. Fill it with all of your scrap lettuce, broccoli, carrots, etc. and hang it up for your chickens. They love it!


New Kitras balls including new ones called “Blossoms’.

Birdhouses, wall décor, fountains… more to come.

Don’t forget we now have “Wish Lists” available (fill yours out now so your family and friends will know what to get you for that special occasion), gift certificates and will soon have a special order section so you can thumb through some catalogs and order products.

Olde Town Tucker Update

Dee’s Sweet Bake Shop opening mid-March (hopefully!).

The Cruise-Ins start in April and will run through September on the 2nd Saturday. If you haven’t been to one of these, you need to come out. More info on these later.

The Tucker Masonic Lodge is hoping to have a Child Identification program available on May 12th. Watch for more information on this.

The Olde Town Tucker Merchant’s Association recently held elections. We’re growing and working on additional events for the year. Check out our website at www.oldetowntucker.com.


 (Note: preregistration is requested – class size is limited – call 404-474-7072 to register or for more information)


Saturday, March 10th, 1:30 -2:30PM: Hydroponics Made Easy (Scott Scheivelhud)


Saturday – March 24th & 31st, 9:30am – 12 Noon: Introduction to Landscaping (Paul Bradford, ASLA)

These two classes will cover basic design elements such as rhythm, balance, harmony, shapes, contrasting forms, etc…, creating outdoor rooms, popular and available plant material, sustainable gardening, and use of garden ornaments. Cost $75


Saturday, April 14th, 10:30 – 11:30am: Beginners Guide to Bird Identification (Pam Higginbotham)

Birding is more than a hobby. Not only does birding open the door to the natural world but it is also big business. This talk covers field guides, tools, and equipment used in the pursuit of "bird happiness."  Other topics include where to find birds and how to ID them by silhouette, field marks, posture, size, habitat, behavior and vocalization.


Saturday, April 21st, 10am – Noon: Basic Digital Photography for Flower Lovers (Chuck Holmes)

Learn to use all of the features of your digital camera to capture the beauty of your plants and flowers.  This two-hour course demystifies terms like lens aperture, shutter speed, selective focus, depth of field, stop action, and ISO, and helps you learn how to use them for better and more satisfying pictures.  Get your camera off of auto and on to better photographs.  Bring your camera and your user’s manual for hands-on practice. Cost: $25


Saturday, April 28th, 10am – 12 Noon: Intermediate Photography for Flower Lovers (Chuck Holmes)

Take your pictures from the purely representational to the expressive through the manipulation of lighting, creative framing in the camera, and effects.  The course also touches on the use of programs such as Photoshop Elements to enhance the pictures that you’ve taken.  Bring your camera and your user’s manual for hands-on practice. Cost: $25

Bird of the Month

Eastern Bluebird    Easter Bluebird

·         Eastern Bluebirds eat mostly insects, wild fruit and berries. They have been seen capturing and eating larger prey like shrews, salamanders, snakes, lizards, and tree frogs. Mealworms - live and dried - are a treat! They like suet too.

·         Eastern Bluebirds typically have more than one successful brood per year (as most of you see here). Early nests usually leave their parents in summer, but young form later nests frequently stay with their parents over the winter.

·         The oldest recorded Eastern Bluebird was 10 years, 5 months old.

·         The Eastern Bluebird clutch size is 2-7 eggs. They have 1-3 broods. Incubation period is11-19 days. Nesting period is 17-21 days. Egg description is pale blue or white.

·         The key to attracting Bluebirds to nest in your yard is having plenty of potential nesting locations, food and water. Bluebirds do prefer “open areas”.



Come in to Win a Free Feeder

Brome will be giving away 120 Squirrel Buster Mini’s, 18 Squirrel Buster Peanut+ and 12 Squirrel Buster Plus

Customers who visit The Garden Enthusiast – Backyard Nature Station will receive our unique store code starting February 18th. The first draw will be on Tuesday February 21st.The final draw for 10 Squirrel Buster Plus will be held on Saturday March 31st.

Visit our store and get the unique store code that we provide you and then enter the code via email, phone.

3 Squirrel Buster Mini’s are drawn each day starting Monday February 20th; 3 Squirrel Buster Peanut+ are drawn each Saturday starting February 25th; 10 Squirrel Buster Plus will be drawn on Saturday March 31st.

Brome will contact us with the customer’s contact information and then we get in touch with the winners. Brome Bird Care will follow up with the winner to make sure everything went well.

The feeder is shipped to or store for you and we arrange with you to pick it up.

Once the Free feeder draw is over on March 31st, Brome will delete and destroy all of the customer information.

Linda, Brittany, Jessica & Jeremy


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