Happy Frog Bat Guano

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Happy Frog? Bat Guano (0-5-0)
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Our high phosphorus bat guano is perfect for gardeners who want the extra strength of this single, powerful ingredient. Because of the long aging process that this product goes through, our bat guano is packed with phosphorus to deliver spectacular flowers, sweeter fruit, and multiple bud development. Bat guano has been known since ancient times to be a highly beneficial organic soil amendment that has a powerful effect on all kinds of plants. Happy Frog® High Phosphorus Bat Guano fertilizer is long aged and has no odor. It also contains natural bacteria and has certain properties that cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. It will deliver spectacular flowers and multiple bud development.

Garden tip: Use 1/2 cup for every two feet of plant height, and feed in early spring and again in late fall, or at the first sign of bud development. Scratch fertilizer in lightly and water well. Supplement with monthly feedings of one of our specialty blends designed just for your garden, such as Tomato & Vegetable or Rose Food.

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